Vultr 近期被邀请注册新用户可获得 100$ 有效期一个月

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去年的夏季活动只是新用户注册获得 50$,现在出现了 100$活动


Tell A Friend about Vultr and Earn up to $25 for referring clients!

  • $25 earned for every new unique paid user you refer.
  • The users you refer receive $100 to test out our platform*.
  • Referred users must be active for 30+ days and use at least $25 in payments to be counted as verified sales.
  • Payouts are finalized and issued on the business day following the 1st and 15th of each month.
  • Your referral link below uniquely identifies your account. Use this code when linking to and start earning today!

* Duplicate accounts not eligible. Referred customer must link a valid credit card or Paypal method to be eligible for the $100 credit. Unused portion of $100 credit expires after 30 days.


1 、新用户使用邀请链接进行注册 2 、新用户充值 10 美元激活帐户 (新用户可获得 100 美元的活动信用,优先使用,一个月有效期) (此时新用户获得 110 美元的信用) 3 、新用户支出达到 25 美元(如果算活动送的 100 美元就需要 125 美元) 4 、老用户等待 30 天后 5 、老用户可以获得 25 美元的福利 *疑似重复帐户不计入统计。 *新用户必须链接一个有效的信用卡或贝宝等支付方式才有资格获得 100 美元的信用。 *100 美元信用证中未使用的部分在 30 天后到期。

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